choices vs. meant to be

March 10, 2010

I don’t know about you but I hate it when people say “if it was meant to be it will be”. That’s bullshit! In life we have this thing call choice and when used it can change the outcome of any given event.people in general need to take more responsibility for there choices rather than cower under some easy way out ideology. Now I obviously understand that there are things we have no control over like the weather but as far as certain choices that can be made to change an outcome of a relationship,work ethic,hygene,personality,health, etc..are in our grasps…food for thought


So i am considered a modern man……

December 12, 2011

So I was told by a colleague that I am considered a modern man. Her conclusion came after a few casual conversation at work about dating. The gentlemen that sits next to me is much older than I and he believes that he should pay when going out with his wife regardless of who takes initiative. I noticed that after he said that she quickly gave a gesture of agreement. SMH…typical!!.. I on the other hand disagree. If a women asks me out I believe she should pay. Point blank. Way before my existence men would often court ladies to gain there approval. In the 50’s men would ask permission from fathers in order to date there daughters. Well it is 2011 times have changed, men and women have changed an how we interact socially has also changed. Do not get me wrong courting and father approval is still a respectable thing to do,but it is nice to see a women step out of what I consider the norm. if or when a man asks a woman out it is more like a flattering gesture. He is obviously attracted and wants to get to know you. Since he is taking initiative I believe out of respect he should pay. Let me tell you why, it is simple everyone has different circumstances an when you ask someone on a date the respectable thing is to cover the cost. This principle should not change for a WOMAN!.Just because your a woman doesn’t mean anything is owed to you. Like anything else in life you have to earn it. This is my advice for all ladies from a male point of view,if you ask your man or a potential interest on a date don’t be a CHEAP CHICK, Pay! Women have been fighting for years to have there independence and corporate/social respect, so I don’t understand why it is a problem to expect a women to pay. Given that she has asked you out

reality check ladies(too picky/unrealistic standards)

December 8, 2011

As of late I have been watching the show “tough love 2” the host steve picks 12 or 15 women who have issues with finding the “right guy”. As the show starts instead of throwing random men at the ladies to see if there compatible, he tends to solve some of the inner or external problems most of the women are facing. Whether it be trust issues, problems in the home, past relationships,etc. I have notice in the show and also in my own experiences that some women are too damn picky and there standards are unrealistic. The funny thing is if you take the time to hear some of the requirements a women may have before even dating just sound ridiculous not to mention she is already starting off on the wrong foot . I think some women bite off more than they can chew. Example, How do you expect to want a man who has a good career, drives a nice car,educated but yet your career is in limbo and you have no stability,your car is sub-par and education is not at a AA level. Even if you did have the things listed above without having any ambition you simply undermine what you have accomplished. Sometimes I just have to SMH and laugh. I heard a stand up comedian say that if ” u aint shit ur gonna attract shit”…as funny and direct as it sounds, I feel like the punchline has some truth to it. Shit(men) comes in all different packages so women are always at a disadvantage whether he has nice things or not. The car, a great career,some education can all be smoke and mirrors. In fact some men often use these face values as bait an when a women bites she just becomes another notch on his belt. My advice to my women readers is to GET RID OF YOUR imaginary list and have more realistic standards,being picky can lead to loneliness. In my opinion I think the best scenario is finding a man that has nothing but willing to give you everything. High standards often cause a person to want perfection and no one is perfect.
The last man that was perfect died on the cross. I’m not an expert but if a man is willing to sacrifice, is loving,selfless and has ambition, more than likely he can keep you satisfied, that is what is important. Food for thought Ladies.

Republicans take the house….whaaat?

November 9, 2010

I am working, hustling, just to make ends meet. It is no secret that times are rough and people are looking for change but I am not stupid like others. I know change does not come over night it takes time. The democrats lost the house. Well, using the word lost is an understatement “they got there ass kicked!” 63 seats were taken by Republicans. You can thank all the Independent house members for that or the conservative Democrats (the switch-siders) . So let me get this straight, Independent members / conservative Demos decided to vote for the party that put us in this mess in the 1st place? Whaaat? It hurts to see how ridiculous representatives can be, but what can I say it seems like everyone has there own agenda. Furthermore, Obama wants to raise taxes by 3% on those who make more than 250k annually. The Republicans are going ape shit over this but, by raising taxes you help lower the deficit, period. I know for a fact that in this country no one pays the correct amount of taxes that their suppose to. If that was the case there would be lines of people waiting at the door of H&R Block, instead we all go to a mom and pop tax place to claim shit we don’t have, only to screw the government and get more tax money back. With that being said, the 3% increase would only have a 1% effect(lol) . I know the independents are frustrated but you have to be kidding me if you think the 10% unemployment rate and the trillion dollar deficit is going to just magically go away anytime soon. The Republicans, that you Independents so arrogantly voted for, are going to continue pushing the rich corporate agenda. I know what your thinking, doesn’t the rich guys create jobs? Well technically, however corporate America has fucked us in ways you can imagine..example: tax cuts (bush cuts); the purpose was to help business create jobs and to help companies save and reinvest into themselves(marketing, equipment..etc). So what did companies do outsource!! And small business decided to hire more undocumented workers. Its funny during the Bush era we created more jobs overseas! And for people who were not even American. Independents have to be kidding if they think the republicans have an answer. Republicans keep talking about “we need to cut spending”, “that’s what we are going to do”….okay?! From where? Republicans can not cut social security because they will lose the senior vote. They can not cut medicare because they will lose every class vote lower or high, and last but not least they will not cut the military budget 800 billion of it because they will lose all type of votes. So how are we suppose to lower the deficit? Yea I thought so. So let’s recap. republicans are going to cut taxes and not cut anything else on the budget table and this is going to help our economy? The math does not work. That’s why emotions should never over power logic, that’s a female trait. I guess all independents are women?……sorry it was a bad joke…lol

beliefs and religion

May 2, 2010

Often times people tend to hide from the infamous topic “religion”,but me and a good friend of mind had the opportunity to discuss our views and the convo was interesting so with his permission I decided to post it on my blog. I was told by a friend that if I have a blog I need to have a point(I disagree), but with all do respect,the point is religion should be discuss more often despite the differences in ones belief or prospective,that’s why I decided to post this as an example…I have a question for my viewers.
Do you believe your soul is a part of you or another entity?
How do you feel about the bible?
Is there a heaven?
What do you think will happen after death?
*there are a few spelling errors in the convo, I’m Moto Moto, my friend is SOAL*
It begins by my friend asking me if I know myself “who is kevin”……….

Moto Moto, SOAL

SOAL: Judging by the way you speak , you must know yourself already huh? So answering who you are should be of no problem to you

SOAL: So who are you “kevin”

Moto Moto: A man of many thoughts,ambitions, and goals

Moto Moto: U want me to laundry list everything

SOAL: Its good that you know your outet layer. Material self but who is the soul

SOAL: Kevin if you knew yourself then you would know everything you listed is meaningless. All that is, is sense gratification

Moto Moto: That was the service my dude

Moto Moto: I can go deeper

Moto Moto: Like the womb of a women

Moto Moto: Ur asking me who is my soul? I want to be clear here


Moto Moto: My soul is what ever I want it to be

SOAL: So in other words you do not know who are. Plain and simple

Moto Moto: That’s sounds stupid to me, given that my soul is mine and it can be whatever I want it to be, it seems like ur soul is something else and ur trying to find it, as if its not urs but lost somewhere

SOAL: * who you are

SOAL: What is it that your soul can be? Mine is not lost. I am aware of it.

Moto Moto: What my soul can be?

SOAL: Yea you said your soul can be whatever you want it to be. What can it be?

Moto Moto: Right, what I meant soul is apart of me, its not a different entity. So what ever I am as a person can effect my very soul

Moto Moto: So give me an example

SOAL: I’m still here. Just making sure I explain this well

Moto Moto: Yea

SOAL: Do you know what your soul’s purpose is. I am trying to understand it. Because when this body dies and all the things attached to it , it becomes no more. All that remains is the soul. Or the driving force that is operating this body. It does not die it goes somewhere. I am trying to know where it came from and how it can return

SOAL: I am not this body

Moto Moto: So where talking beyond death okay

Moto Moto: Based on my beliefs

Moto Moto: My actions on earth will dictate if my soul enters the gates of heaven

Moto Moto: After death

Moto Moto: With that being said as I said before my soul is what I am or whatever I want it to be, whether I’m a humble man,giving, loyal, honest or a man with an evil heart to hurt,greed,non loving etc…do u understand my point.

SOAL: How do you know this. Did god tell you. No , MAN told you that. How could you know of heaven. That sounds like a place.

Moto Moto: When I get on my knees D I ask God(jesus) to have mercy on my soul, I say this because I want him to have mercy on me for my sins and my soul is apart of me

SOAL: And if you know what your are supposed to do to get to your heaven. Why don’t you do it

SOAL: Just a question

Moto Moto: Awesome, now where getting somewhere

Moto Moto: The bible was weritten by men

SOAL: Of course. It has been translated and tailored

SOAL: Do you believe in the bible?

Moto Moto: We don’t not know if its been tailored we can only assume that

SOAL: Whaaat!! Of course it has. To believe in the bible is to believe in fantasy. Not that its not deep

Moto Moto: Yes I believe in the bible ofcourse, as far as me doing things to go to heaven and why I don’t do them….I’m a man of imperfection, I sin and I do things that are considered ungodly but its these things that teach me and give me more wisdom

Moto Moto: Hmmm…I see u picked up an interest in philosophy

Moto Moto: So if I can’t see or feel it is not real?=D

SOAL: More wisdom from what. If you learned from a mistake you would not repeat it

Moto Moto: Not true,

SOAL: Then you haven’t learned

Moto Moto: Its called temptation and not every mistake is detrimental

Moto Moto: Spirtually however earthly is another thing

SOAL: That’s a cop out. Temptation

Moto Moto: No its reality,people are often….(Bbm message was deleted)

SOAL: So what is the ultimate goal?

Moto Moto: To be with jesus in the land of milk and honey

SOAL: Are you serious? Lol please tell me your fucking with me

Moto Moto: Heaven my dude, heaven

SOAL: Kevin how do you know what heaven is. Who has been there. Matter of fact. Who died and came back and told us what heaven is like

SOAL: Now I believe in God but not man made religion god that people beleieve

Moto Moto: Wow I never said I know what it looks like

Moto Moto: U ask me the ultimate goal? That question is not specific , I assumed u meant where I want to be after death and that’s heaven, based on how it is described to me

Moto Moto: I love u D(no homo), but ur not smart enough to have this convo with me, using ur logic I say heaven is make believe in that case so it ur soul given u can see or touch or feel now explain….
Moto Moto: U say*
Moto Moto: So is ur soul*
Moto Moto: Can’t see*

SOAL: You lost me there. You claim to know who you are but clearly you don’t. Because you have other humans wtelling you what happens to your soul when they don’t even have a clue. All these pastors get their information from the bible. Which teaches separation

Moto Moto: The bible tells me,not a pastor

SOAL: They are far from god. You already seperate yourself by calling yourself a christian when we are all one , every part of every particle here

SOAL: Same book

Moto Moto: I’m aware that a pastor has his own interpretation of what he reads, but with all fairness if in identifies with u and u can relate is not a bad thing. Pastor are still human so don’t be naive and think that just because there reading from the same book that the message will be different bcause it will

Moto Moto: If it identifies*

Moto Moto: Seperation just doesn’t fall in line with religion D

SOAL: So your religion is the right one

Moto Moto: It can be many things that separate us, religion is just the elephant in the room

Moto Moto: That’s a great question D

Moto Moto: Now where getting deeper

SOAL: Enlighten me kev

Moto Moto: My religion

Moto Moto: I don’t necessarily believe its the right one

Moto Moto: If u mean the one that’s gonna save everyone

Moto Moto: I don’t think so

SOAL: so why do you believe it

SOAL: your cheating yourself

Moto Moto: Another great question,I’m not cheating myself? my dude

Moto Moto: I believe because I can Identify with the words in the bible to my life and the feeling that I get when I’m in church is weird,D its like deep sorrow mixed with happiness I can’t explain it, its better than an orgasm…

Moto Moto: I feel tremendous amount of joy

Moto Moto: And when I leave I don’t get the feeling anywhere else, its unexplainable but I’m trying

SOAL: Okay kevin. In the end we are just living different experiences

Moto Moto: Maybe I guess we will see

Moto Moto: But u have to believe in order to understand when u first came back to fl, u would talk about jesus like it was ur first time with a beautiful women,but now with more knowledge and wisdom ur finding urself searching for more…I don’t have a problem wit that. I believe that people have to identify with a “belief”or “religion” in order to understand. Not be pressured or preached upon because it may leave to resentment.

Moto Moto: Maybe if u would have opened ur eyes to jesus u would not have to look anymore…maybeO:)

SOAL: Well I was confused. Now I am more aware

SOAL: Jesus there you go again

SOAL: Lol.

Moto Moto: Yea man I said it jesus

SOAL: This conversation would be better over the phone

Moto Moto: Yes it would
The end

corporate choke hold on consumers

April 7, 2010

I have to start off by saying “you got to be fucking kidding me”. I know that corporate america rapes consumers with no vasaline by over selling and marketing various products that are not necessities and features that we will never use. My problem is the HD-TV craze,I’m here to enlighten you before you go in your pocket and waste hundreds and for some suckers: THOUSANDS!!!!. I’m going to keep it simple I’m not a tech geek and I do not need to be one in order to keep it real.I’m here to tell you what sellers of these attractive televisions do not tell you. For the last few years the market has had a craze for HD- TV(flat panels), with that being said the demand has gone up tremendously for these products. So let’s say you go into best buy, online,circuit city,etc…you spend about 1500-3500 on a 1080p resolution HD-TV, reason being is because the store is playing your favorite movie on this gorgeous sony,sharp, panasonic,samsung etc.,making you feel or should I say manipulate you into believing your going to get the same quality when you reach home…Hmmmm…I understand your just human so you buy it,you go home and you connect it. Surprise!!! The quality is shitty and in some cases worse than the 20yr old tube that was gracing that spot before your flat panel took over. What they do not tell you is that what you were seeing in the store was a blue-ray disc that actual shows 1080p quality, what your going to have to do to get as close as you can to this type of quality is call your local cable company and add HD services which can run you 6.95-10.00 a month, relax there’s more,as you scroll through the channels you realize that the reasolution is still not the same. Hmmmm what’s going on here?(Rhetorical) That’s because cable companys do not prodcast any resolution higher than 1080i(not P) and most cable networks prodcast only in 720i, but put HD on the left and right side of the screen to keep you the consumer quite, but “hold on there’s more!”,how do you get the resolution that you saw in the store? You have to buy a blue- ray disc 29.99-49.99 and not to forget a blue- ray player 199.99-299.99, this is MADNESS!!!. If your lucky some cable companies will provide you with 1080p quality via on -demand ,but you have to download the movie or programming costing you anywhere from 1.99-5.99 each time. As I stated before I’m not a tech geek but it gets more complicated and I don’t want to bore you. LED technology is awesome but means nothing based on what I just told you about cable companies just in case you were and advocate for sony,sharp or samsung. Even when you watch news if the prodcast is not being recorded by an HD camera you will not get the quality you paid thousands for. I was watching CNN and Bill Maher was in 480i while Larry king was in 1080i. So to make things worse companys make you pay for features like game mode,film mode,120 mega hertz,screen reflection,etc.,when most of those features should be standard anyway. Here is a buyers guide:3-4 hdmi,contrast ration over 40k,active game mode(for gamers), and ofcourse 1080p, just incase u get a blue-ray because you never know, I don’t really expect you to listen…..ohh and try not to spend more than 1500,if I was you ill wait until black friday…

media vs. haiti vs. congo

March 4, 2010

I have often wondered why tragedy comes at an unexpected time and also brings about an unexpected number of deaths. What has happened in haiti is very tragic and my prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the events. however I have to keep it real,the news media is no longer a reliable source of information. They often choose stories that well get the most ratings rather than informing us on real issues happening across the globe. While haiti has had the opportunity to benefit from countless media coverage that fueled donations from celebs and everyday people the congo/rewanda has been ignored. 5million deaths in the congo makes what happened in haiti look like a fight between mike tyson and martha stewart.if the media would do there job by sticking to fundamental principles like “giving us news” then perhaps the congo could benefit from countless donations and also other places in the world affected by devastating tragedy

Hello world!

March 4, 2010

welcome to my blog , I am simply expressing my views  on a variety of topics nothing is off limits. I welcome all to comment and also express yourselves. Thanks in advance!